Vækst med Social Bundlinje
Growth with a Social Bottom line – Payment by Results

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Managements accelerator programme Vækst med Social Bundlinje (Growth with a social bottom line) – Payment by Results, is paving the way for inclusion of marginalised groups into the labour market through a combination of employment and commercial activities.

About the Programme

In collaboration with TrygFonden, Bikubenfonden, Tuborgfondet, Markedsmodningsfonden (Market Development Fund) and six municipalities (Herning, Ikast-Brande, Kolding, Frederiksberg, Gladsaxe and Rudersdal), Den Sociale Kapitalfond Management is focusing on channelling more disadvantaged people into the labour market and paving the way for innovative and sustainable payment and funding mechanisms relating to welfare benefits in Denmark.

The aim is to create growth in small and medium-sized businesses resulting in more jobs for the long-term or marginalised groups through a new, locally anchored accelerator programme. Today a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises undertake a social responsibility locally – and their number will grow if social responsibility can be combined with making a profit. Vækst med Social Bundlinje will assist enterprises that wish to grow and create new opportunities for disadvantaged people.

The project will test whether by creating employment for marginalised groups, savings on local government budgets can contribute to funding the growth effort through a so-called “Payment by Results” mechanism. The results of this project will be made available on our website.

The project has been established through a partnership with six municipalities, and 21 small and medium-sized enterprises residing in the municipalities. The accelerator programme stretches over an intensive six-month development programme tailored to match the particular enterprise and a six-month follow-up programme.



Contact Programme Director Birgitte Frost Mathiesen to learn more about the Programme.

Director and Partner
Birgitte Frost Mathiesen T: +45 28 49 00 80 E: bfm@socialkapitalfond.dk