Den Sociale Kapitalfond is established as a non-profit equivalent to commercial private equity funds:

The fund itself is a commercial fund with a charitable purpose, which has Gurli Martinussen, Director of TrygFonden, as chairman of the board. The Board is responsible for the Fund’s activities and approves all the Fund’s investments.

In addition to the foundation, Den Sociale Kapitalfond consists of a management company, The Den Sociale Kapitalfond Management ApS, founded by Lars Jannick Johansen. The management company is not-for-profit and is governed according to social enterprise principles. The management team among others assists the Foundation in identifying, analyzing, recommending and negotiating investments, in managing its portfolio, and in implementing projects and programs for the foundation, including the accelerator program “Vækst med Social Bundlinje – Payment by Results”.

We are supported professionally by our competence partners: AccuraEY and Accenture.

The structure of Den Sociale Kapitalfond is based on a theory of change, where the goal is to develop and test new social investment tools and approaches with various partners – and over time spin off new social investment programs in independent entities, to scale them on a commercial basis and thereby contribute to greater social impact and financing of new initiatives.

The first example is the Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest I K / S – with which the foundation and management company are co-investors and co-owners – which is based on the work of Den Sociale Kapitalfond: Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest I K/S is the first social impact investment fund in the Nordics focusing on creating new opportunities for marginalized groups through equity investments into social SMEs.


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