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Our purpose


In Denmark, too many people with physical, psychological or social issues are excluded from the labour market, the educational system and mainstream society. This affects their sense of personal well-being. It also weakens social cohesion and economic sustainability.

Danish businesses are crucial in addressing this challenge, and they need to find a workable social business model.

We invest in and develop organisations that strive to combine social and commercial success to give those who struggle to find their feet in the labour market the opportunity to fulfil their potential.


TrygFonden and Lars Jannick Johansen set up Den Sociale Kapitalfond (The Social Capital Fund) in  2011. Our partners include Accenture, Accura and EY, who provide pro bono assistance.

In 2013, we started Det Sociale Vækstprogram (The Social Growth Programme), an accelerator programme for established enterprises for the purpose of creating jobs for people who are currently excluded from the labour market. In 2014, social entrepreneurs were invited to engage in a new, targeted programme called Social StartUp.

In 2017 we launched the social accelerator programme Vækst med Social Bundlinje (Growth with a social bottom line). Drawing on experience and methods from The Social Growth Programme and Social StartUp, the programme will test whether growing companies and creating employment for marginalized groups can create savings on local government budgets, which in turn can contribute to funding the accelerator program through a so-called “Payment by Results” mechanism.

In October 2017, we have launched Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest – the first commercially based social impact fund in the Nordic countries, focusing on creating new opportunities for marginalized groups through equity investments into social SMEs. The European Investment Fund is anchor investor together with Vækstfonden (The Danish Growth Fund), and the investors also include, among others, The Novo Nordisk Foundation, TryghedsGruppen, Ferd Social Entrepreneurs, Hempel Foundation, Færchfonden, Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn, Østifterne, and Færch og Døtre, among others.

We prioritise sharing our experience and findings, for instance by participating in the Danish government’s Special Committee on Social Enterprises and the Dialogue Forum on Social Responsibility and Growth, and in international networks, such as the Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum, Skoll World Forum, European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA) and Ashoka. Den Sociale Kapitalfond is a member of EVPA and the Danish Venture Capital and Private Equity Association DVCA.

Read more about governance and organisation here.


The board

Gurli Martinussen  
Board Member
Katinka Greve Leiner  
Board Member
Lars Jannick Johansen  
Board Member
Peter Engberg Jensen  
Board Member
Mads S. Rasmussen  
Board Member
Jesper Højbjerg Christensen  
Board member
Britt Wendelboe  

Management team

CEO and Partner
Claus Bjørn Billehøj T: +45 60 14 43 23 E: CBB@socialkapitalfond.dk
Birger Møllevang Jensen T: +45 22 11 48 88 E: bmj@socialkapitalfond.dk
Director and Partner
Birgitte Frost Mathiesen T: +45 28 49 00 80 E: bfm@socialkapitalfond.dk
Investment Director
Steen Lohse T: +45 21 49 12 77 E: stl@socialkapitalfond.dk
Head of Development
Anne Kjær Skovgaard T: +45 31 64 11 16 E: aks@socialkapitalfond.dk
Head of Business Development
Stine Lomholt T: +45 23 73 15 83 E: slo@socialkapitalfond.dk
Head of Business Development
Jesper Tjørnager Jakobsen T: +45 20 96 94 93 E: jtj@socialkapitalfond.dk
Senior Business Development Manager
Steen Malmberg T: +45 20 62 20 60 E: sma@socialkapitalfond.dk
Project Manager
Maria Fester Petersen T: +45 40 45 89 56 E: mfp@socialkapitalfond.dk
Anna Hempel T: +45 53 54 21 10 E: ahe@socialkapitalfond.dk
Student Employee, Finance
Severin Johansen T: +45 20 66 04 14 E: fsd@socialkapitalfond.dk
Project Manager
Rasmus Dilling-Hansen T: +45 27 21 87 20 E: rdh@socialkapitalfond.dk
Kitchen assistant
Ditte Bach  

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest Management Team

Managing Partner
Lars Jannick Johansen T: +45 29 61 68 92 E: ljj@socialkapitalfond.dk
Jeanette Thielfoldt T: +45 27 15 47 12 E: jht@socialkapitalfond.dk
Investment Director
Mads Aaen T: 20629682 E: maa@socialkapitalfond.dk

Partners & Network


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Read more about Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invests partners here.