Founding partners


Den Sociale Kapitalfond was founded by TrygFonden in late 2011 with a donation of 25 million DKK. In 2014 TrygFonden decided to contribute an additional 50 million DKK over four years.

TrygFonden’s mission is to inspire everyone in Denmark to take responsibility for their own safety as well as that of others. They focus on three core areas and in particular on personal well-being. The aim is to give more people the opportunity to realise their potential and participate actively in society. TrygFonden does this through social investment and the development of concepts and methods that create lasting ties to the labour market for marginalised groups. The work of Den Sociale Kapitalfond helps TrygFonden achieve its strategic goals.

TrygFonden is responsible for TryghedsGruppen’s charitable work. TryghedsGruppen is the primary owner of the Tryg insurance company, and creates value and security through long-term investments and charitable donations.




VELUX FONDEN is a non-profit foundation established by Villum Kann Rasmussen, the founder of VELUX and other companies in the VKR Group. In 2013, VELUX FONDEN awarded 240 million DKK to charitable causes. Grants for social purposes in Denmark are awarded in connection with VILLUM FONDEN donations. The grant received by Den Sociale Kapitalfond is part of VELUX FONDEN’s focus on social-economic enterprises, including the companies Place de Bleu and Send Flere Krydderier.

Our three corporate partners, Accura, EY and Accenture, offer legal, financial and strategic expertise.


Accura is among the leading law firms in Denmark. Since we were established in 2011, Accura has provided advice on investments in social enterprises and offered legal support in relation to new investments.


EY is a leading accounting and consulting firm and has been our advisers since 2011. They have also provided due diligence services concerning investments.


Accenture is a global consultancy firm, specialising in management consulting, technology services and employee outsourcing. We work together on strategic analysis, and Accenture offers advice on specific investment cases and business coaching for our portfolio