Den Sociale Kapitalfond Analyse

Den Sociale Kapitalfond Analyse (The Social Capital Fund Analysis Department) evaluates and measures the outcomes of our investments and activities. We conduct independent analysis, develop tools, share knowledge and help our clients and partners through consultancy and project development, taking employment and inclusion into account.

All our projects build on the knowledge and experience gained through our investments and accelerator programmes, Social StartUp and Det Sociale Vækstprogram.

Is your organisation looking for new insight on social enterprises and how to best support them? Would you like to know more about impact measurement or partnerships across sectors to create inclusive growth?

R & D: Analysis

We carry out analyses to identify social enterprises, where to find them, and what their impact means to their communities.

One example

R & D: Analysis: Disrupted? The impact of the fourth industrial revolution on marginalised groups and social responsibility.

The ‘fourth industrial revolution’ is by many considered force that will fundamentally change our society. But what will be the consequences for the groups already on the brink of the labour market?

Den Sociale KapitalfondTrygFonden and Det Centrale Handicapråd (Danish Disabillity Council) have joined forces to create a development project for the purpose of identifying the types of jobs that will disappear completely or change fundamentally. The purpose is to understand the consequences of the changes, to be able to create opportunities.

Therefore, the project particularly focuses on the potentials of technological development to illustrate where and how the technologies will present opportunities to marginalized groups.


We offer presentations, facilitate debates, provide advice and carry out customised analyses.

One example

Networking event: Measuring social value

At a well-attended event, we discussed what we would need to guarantee that investments made by the Danish society would create the greatest possible social value in light of the billions currently spent on welfare every year. We invited Bikubenfonden and were also joined by Red Cross Youth, Kolding municipality and Specialisterne. Our development manager, Anne Kjær Skovgaard, chaired the debate.


We cooperate with municipalities, agencies, ministries, foundations and companies to develop new knowledge and models.

One example

Development project: A Danish model for measuring social value

In collaboration with the Danish Business Authority and other stakeholders, we are developing and testing a Danish approach to measuring social value creation. This approach will make it possible to compare results across social interventions and enable businesses, organisations, councils and foundations to quantify social change.


We operate networks to help people who advise, support and collaborate with social enterprises.

One example

Network: Insights and tools to support social enterprises

We gather business advisers and executives from all over the country, sharing knowledge and experience and developing tools for use by companies and entrepreneurs who create jobs for marginalised citizens.


If you would like further inspiration, analysis or advice, please contact us.

Head of Development
Anne Kjær Skovgaard T: +45 31 64 11 16 E: aks@socialkapitalfond.dk
Head of Analysis
Kristian Thor Jakobsen T: +45 30 22 67 92 E: ktj@socialkapitalfond.dk