Investment in your business

We currently offer the following types of investments.
Den Sociale Kapitalfond Invest is focused on:

  • Small and medium-sized companies in Denmark and southern Sweden
  • With a turnover of typically 30-200 million DKK.
  • With a strong growth potential and high social responsibility and impact
  • Typically, with a capital requirement of 5-30 million DKK or more
  • We are a minority investor – and can supplement with responsible loans
  • We work closely with owners and management towards common goals

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Den Sociale Kapitalfond has an investment program for:

  • Social and social economy companies in Denmark
  • With a turnover of less than 30 million DKK.
  • Looking for venture capital especially in the form of loans, as well as savings for business development
  • Our loans are typically 1-3 million DKK with option for follow-up investment – with a limit of 5 million DKK per enterprise.
  • We provide close sparring with the management

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If you are in doubt where your enterprise fits best, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Managing Partner
Lars Jannick Johansen T: +45 29 61 68 92 E: ljj@socialkapitalfond.dk
Investment Director
Steen Lohse T: +45 21 49 12 77 E: stl@socialkapitalfond.dk